At We Word It, we translate documents related to a wide variety of areas of expertise, and do so in any language combination you may need. Our staff is highly proficient and experienced in all fields of knowledge. All certified translations are carried out by our sworn translators and interpreters, who have been previously appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our quality control and proofreading procedure enables us to meet specific customer demands extremely efficiently and fast. 

Specialized Translation

Specialized Translation

Audiovisual Translation

Websites, scripts, video game localization, translation for mobile platform apps/applications, subtitling, audio transcription...

Scientific Translation

Medicine, biology, pharmaceutical, chemical...

Commercial Translation

Reports, presentations, internal documents, press releases, correspondence...

Economic and Financial Translation

Reports, economic analyses, articles, balance sheets, business plans...

Certified, Legal and Administrative Translation

Powers of attorney, contracts, legal documents...

Literary Translation

Novels, biographies...

Journalism Translation

Articles, bulletins, magazines...

Advertisement Translation

Catalogues, brochures, transcreation, copywriting, advertisements...

Technical Translation

Handbooks, instructions, safety data sheets...

Other Areas of Expertise

Certified / Sworn Translation

Certified / Sworn Translation


Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Background Checks...

Medical Certificates

Lease Agreements, Contracts of Employment, Commercial Agreements, Contracts of Sale...

Academic documents: College or University Degrees, academic records, certificates, diplomas, recognition of studies...

Documents for registration in the Office of Vital Records and the Commercial Registry Office


Nationality documents

Family Registers, Family Record Books


Work Permits, Residence Permits

Powers of Attorney

Judicial Rulings, Court Rulings


Adoption procedures