Corporate Social Responsibility

Solidarity - We Word It Solidarity - We Word It

Since its inception, We Word It has been conceived as a company heavily charged with corporate social responsibility. From the start, we have been strongly committed to breaking both language barriers and bars that establish or impose inequalities. For this reason and in line with our social responsibility, we carry out workshops called WE ROCK IT, for children from the most disadvantaged areas in and around Madrid, where kids have the chance to learn English in a fun and educational manner. If you are interested in promoting a WE ROCK IT event or activity, please contact us at .

As an enterprise, our commitment also reaches the impact we have on our environment. We Word It especially strives to reduce the unnecessary consumption of natural resources and pursue a sustainable business policy. Among the many rules that we abide by, are the following:

  • We print as less paper as possible: we store most of our documents in digital format.
  • We carry out WE PLANT IT events, where we plant a symbolic number of trees based on the amount of paper we use every year, in order to compensate the consumption of environmental resources. 
  • We use recyclable supplies.
  • We recycle paper and ink cartridges.
  • Energy control: We turn off all computers during our work breaks and when we leave the office.
  • We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by holding videoconference-based business meetings.

Finally, we arrange a solidarity exchange service that goes by the name WE BARTER IT. Through this, we exchange our multicultural communication services with non-profit organizations and associations which support prosocial causes. In order to benefit from this service, please contact us at

We are convinced that WE WORD IT’s success lies in the strong commitment we have to our core values as a company, and the essence thereof. We believe that following a responsible ethical code in every way, unquestionably leads to developing strong, solid and long-lasting professional relationships.