Additional Services

In addition to our translation and interpreting services, we offer a wide range of multilingual communication solutions.

Bilingual Hostesses

We provide you with the best team of bilingual hostesses for all types of international events (conferences, fairs, conventions, exhibitions).

Event management and Protocol

If you want to carry out an event, we can help you in every aspect involved: management, catering, protocol advice, flights, accommodation, VIP guest reception and personalized hospitality service, hostesses, translators, interpreters, audiovisual equipment and technical services, transport coordinating, etc.

Language and Cultural Consulting Services

We Word It helps your business or project set foot in an international market, adapting it to every country's language and cultural characteristics, and giving you the opportunity to globalize your commercial activity, therefore reaching new markets.

Private Tutoring

Business English for executives and companies, exam review and preparation, academic support, private lessons...


Rewriting a text in a foreign language, adapting the overall meaning of the message to a specific market and according to the certain language's specific cultural characteristics, in order for the message to evoke the same effect as was originally intended. It is a highly creative style of translating.

Text Adaptation

The adaptation of a text to distinct diatopic and linguistic varieties (e.g. modifying Latin American Spanish to Spanish from Spain, or adapting an American English text for a British public).

Multilingual Glossaries and Translation Memory Technologies

Development and management of multilingual glossaries and translation memories involving sector-specific terminology.